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I know the Brentwood Bay and Saanichton areas of Greater Victoria. As a high school student, many close friends lived in these areas. I’ve leisurely strolled through Butchart Gardens while enjoying the gorgeous scenery many times over the past four decades. I met my wife at a dart tournament in this area. My wife and I have spent numerous special moments together enjoying the beautiful vistas and outstanding amenities found throughout this special area of Greater Victoria.  I have an intimate knowledge of neighborhoods found within Brentwood Bay, Saanichton, and all of Central Saanich.

This special area of Greater Victoria has some little known charms, including:

  • The world famous Butchart Gardens.
  • Many gorgeous views of Brentwood Bay, the Saanich Inlet, and the island mountains beyond.
  • Beautiful vistas of Haro Straight, the San Juan Islands and the snow topped peaks of the mainland.
  • A mix of sweeping farmland and quaint quiet neighborhoods.
  • The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) prevents the development of large swaths of land throughout the peninsula.  It gives this entire area a quaint rural feel.  And, it’s located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  • An excellent trail network for all levels of walkers and hikers.
  • An easy commute to downtown.
  • Great accessibility to a variety of local neighborhood shopping areas.
  • A very short trip to the airport & ferries.
  • Many bike paths with access to all of Greater Victoria along our regional trail system.
  • Many outstanding recreation opportunities.
  • A true neighborhood feel.
  • Some of the most prodigious schools you’ll find in Greater Victoria.

If you’re selling in this area, I can promote the many outstanding features of your neighborhood, to bring tons of well qualified buyers to view your home. Many buyers results in the fastest sales and highest prices in any market.

If you’re considering buying a home in Saanichton, Brentwood Bay, or any area of Central Saanich, I can help you find the home you’ll love.

Curious to learn more? Get in touch! I love to talk real estate. Contact me anytime by email at

Real Estate Trends for Central Saanich

Average Prices (Updated Monthly)

When analyzing average prices it’s important to remember that every home is different.  If you have many small homes and fixer uppers sell in one month, it can dramatically reduce the average price.  You could see a decrease in average prices, while the true value of  homes in an area are increasing, or vice versa.  It’s important to look at the longer term trend when analyzing average prices.

Any area large enough to give you a meaningful monthly average price, can have dramatic differences in properties and their associated values.  For example, home size, lot size, age, condition, upgrades, views, and extras can be radically different from one home to another.  Most areas will have homes worth two or three times as much or even significantly less than the average price.  For more detailed information specific to your home, contact us for regular custom designed market reports for you home by email at

As a general rule over time, average prices underestimate the increase in the true value of homes.  As average prices increase, new housing tends to become smaller and more affordable.   You have smaller lots, smaller homes, more density (taller buildings), and overall less expensive homes.  Furthermore, larger homes turn into stratas which offer multiple dwellings where just one home existed before.  If you would like to chat more about real estate, contact me anytime by email at

Listing Inventory (Updated Monthly)

Listing inventory is an important indicator of whether the market is a seller’s market or buyer’s market.  For example, the end of 2015, all of 2016, and start of 2017 up until about May, were all strong to extremely strong seller’s markets, which caused some increases in average real estate values and substantially reduced inventory levels.  From 2008 to 2014, the market was anywhere from balanced to a buyer’s market which featured much higher inventory levels, and resulted in average real estate values staying relatively flat throughout these years.  To see prices fall to any significant degree, we will likely need inventory levels noticably higher than the levels that existed between 2008 and 2014.  Inventory levels similar to 2015 to 2017 can result in rising values.  If you would like to chat more about real estate, contact me anytime by email at

The Approximate Area Graphed Above

Entertainer’s Paradise

Discover this custom designed 5-bedroom home in a tranquil enclave of high-end homes perched above world famous Butchart Gardens. And, every detail shows this locally renowned designer built her own palace. You even have vistas from a large, serene, and private west facing deck featuring layers of mountains along Brentwood Bay & breathtaking views of Butchart Garden’s fireworks on warm Saturday nights.

Central Saanich Ocean View

Market Reports for Your Home

Receive detailed market reports about your home every three or six months.  Thinking of selling soon?  I can send more frequent & specific reports.  I will customize your reports to best reflect your home’s overall market.  Just send your home address and preferred frequency (every 3 or 6 months) to  New homes, renovated homes, and some other cases may require additional information to improve report accuracy.  View a Sample PDF Report Now!



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