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Selling your home in Victoria, BC
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It’s simple, my goal is to help you get the most money for your home, to ensure you do the least work possible getting your home sold, to minimize your stress and risk, and to get the job done as fast as possible!

With over 20 years of experience in Real Estate, I have worked with many people just like you. I have helped people who need more space, want less space, have extra money to invest, are dealing with a tragedy, have experienced a great success or windfall, and many who just want a different place to call home. I understand your unique situation and will customize the process to satisfy your specific needs.

Services I Can Offer

Let me help you get your home sold.
Selling Advice
With over 20 years experience in the industry, I can help you prepare your home for the most valuable offer. You can use my valuable expertise to help you navigate through the sales process and ensure you are offered what's right for you.
Open Houses
Open houses are a great way for people to get a "no-pressure" look at your property. As part of a regular marketing plan, I will organize and conduct open houses to ensure maximum exposure when it is convenient for you.
Multiple Listing Service
The Multiple Listing Service is the industry standard for promoting your property. I will manage your listing and connect your property will realtors and their clients to ensure your listing gets the maximum possible exposure.
Online & Print Marketing
Prospective buyers visit online listings over 500,000 times each month. I will make sure your property is easily accessible online and is represented across all forms of digital and traditional media.
Professional Photgraphy
The first thing people typically see are pictures of your home. I will arrange a professional who specializes in property photography to capture your home in its beauty. I will also put together detailed floor plans to highlight all of your home's features.
As your real estate representative, it's my job to look out for your interests and be an experienced contributor to your negotiations. I will represent you confidently and honestly to ensure your needs are looked after.
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My proven step by step systems ensure the highest probability of success for you. 

I will get you the most money, in the shortest time, with you doing the least work, while minimizing your stress and risk throughout the entire process. I will:
Completely explain our agency relationship which outlines why everything I do is focused on helping you get what you need and want.
Prepare a thorough real estate market analysis to give you a very accurate estimate of your home’s value, so you know exactly where you stand.
Present you with alternative pricing strategies which reflect the current competitive environment, and ensure you can make the best decisions for your specific situation.
Answer all your questions about any aspect of Real Estate, and research a more comprehensive answer, if required.
Recommend any home improvements worth your time and money prior to selling. In many cases, major work simply isn’t justified, but in some cases minor improvements can make a huge difference.
Ensure your information is kept in the strictest confidence.
Help you stage and organize your home so buyers fall in love with it when they walk through your door.
When needed, identify potential problems that you should investigate prior to selling.
Assist you in compiling all the information a prospective buyer will need to make an unconditional offer. The goal is to make it easy for a buyer, so they have the confidence to quickly write an offer. The entire strategy maximizes the chance that you’ll have several buyers competing to buy your home.
Hire professionals for gorgeous pictures, detailed interactive floor plans, and state of the art interactive three-dimensional walkthroughs. It feels like you’re right there in the home. These marketing tools will allow prospective buyers to experience your home without wasting your time with viewings, so only the right buyers are coming to see your home.
Perform an complete analysis designed to identify the types of buyers that are best suited to your home, and the most active parts of those market segments.
Design advertising and marketing campaigns focused on the ideal for your home.
Consistently promote your property with open houses designed to get many prospective buyers and Realtors through your home in a convenient and efficient fashion.
Do promotional public presentations about your home to large groups of Realtors, to generate a buzz and get different agents bringing their buyers to the table.
Ensure you know the pros and cons of every decision you make throughout the entire process, so you can confidently decide what’s best for you.
Immediately promote your home on the MLS system and through various other online and social media channels to ensure maximum exposure in the best markets for your home.
Be available to help you every waking hour of the day, seven days a week.
Work with you to develop systems which will minimize the impact of showings on your lifestyle.
Provide you with regular feedback and market events to ensure you are up to date on current market conditions.
Immediately present all offers to you, and confirm you understand all aspects of the offer as well as the possible impact on your specific situation.
Present you with alternative pricing strategies which reflect the current competitive environment, and ensure you can make the best decisions for your specific situation.
Make sure you know all the important details involved in the closing process.
Stay on top of the deal, while solving any problems, to ensure the highest probability of a stress-free closing.
Implement and complete the entire sales process based on your instructions. You’re in charge and I will work to achieve your goals with your guidance. It’s all about what’s important to you.
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